Contract fermentation

Contract fermentation

Economical, fast & flexible

Contract fermentation offers numerous possibilities, both for the customer and for M FOOD GROUP®. As a reliable partner with excellent microbiological expertise, we produce microorganisms and yeasts under aerobic and anaerobic conditions on your behalf using an economical approach. Since smaller quantities can be produced without any problems, you can use the opportunity of contract production for your development processes and outsource them from your daily business.

All advantages at a glance


Speed and flexibility due to short decision paths and an economical approach


Production of freeze-dried single and mixed strains (lyophilisates)


End product can be provided as freeze-dried lyophilisate or in liquid form


Production of microorganisms and yeasts under aerobic and anaerobic conditions

Starter- & protective cultures

Made in Germany

The heart of the technical equipment, the state-of-the-art plant for reproduction of microorganisms, is located in Mühlen, Lower Saxony. Here, starter- and protective cultures for the meat industry and other food industries are produced:

– Cultures for dairy products such as yoghurt, milk and cheese
– Microorganisms for fish- and agricultural products like silages
– Probiotic food supplements, supplements for parodontosis- and tooth decay prophylaxis

Starter- and protective cultures can be produced kosher and halal.

M FOOD GROUP® customers appreciate the company as reliable partner. Short decision paths allow very fast and agile response to customer requests.

Range of different possibilities

Industries we can cover


Meat industry


Protective cultures


Dairy industry




Food supplements


Silage additives




Biological filter systems

From strain bank to drying

The process

We supply individual solutions

About us

M FOOD GROUP® offers excellent microbiological expertise and comprehensive biotechnological knowledge. Our considerable expertise enables us to find an individual solution for each of our customers.

Our customers rely on our excellent service, which also meets the highest quality requirements. Fundamental knowledge of starter cultures helps us to achieve target-oriented, sustainable and innovative results.

Professional competence and experience

Your contact person

Dr. Maren Behringer

Product Manager Biotechnology   +49 (0) 5492 55700-131