Our new arrival for raw cured products

M-CULTURE® CF 10 - the nitrate reducer

forms a distinctively strong curing colour, in a shorter processing time, thanks to its high level of enzyme activity. The large number of proteases and lipases ensure a unique flavour at low curing temperatures (< 5°C). Using new nitrate reductase active strains leads to a reduced amount of residual nitrates and nitrites. The biological culture is labelled as “starter culture” or “ripening culture” in the end product.

Suitable for all kinds of raw cured products:

• Ham on the bone
• Lachsschinken
• Schinkenspeck
• Bacon
• Nussschinken
• Black Forest Ham
• Tyrolean Speck
• Rinderrauchfleisch
• Bündnerfleisch
• Bresaola
• Prosciutto
• Parma ham
• and many more...

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