The innovative M Food Group M-MULSION® emulsifier supports the natural water- and fat binding capacities in all fields of food production, such as the production of sauces, dips and mayonnaises.


Shelf life systems

Freshness on the whole line: M Food Group has developed an innovative combination of freshness retainer and preservative, on the basis of fruit acids and -salts with high efficiency for washing baths of fish, seafood, fruits and vegetables. The gentle reduction of the pH-value results in the inhibition of bacterial growth and provides an antioxidative effect. For the shelf life extension of prawns in brine M Food Group offers several preservatives with different sugar dosages, with or without glutamate.


Curing agents

With M Food Group curing agents flavourful matie can be produced within 3–4 days only.

Whether extremely tender matie for the typical matie roll, matie with a more firm texture for salads or a typical Nordic matie, coloured with beetroot and with a mild spicy flavour – we offer the right product for every taste. M Food Group curing agents are, depending on customers’ requirements, available with or without glutamate and in various versions.

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