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Microbial rennet

Microbial rennet is a rennet substitute obtained from the fungus Mucor Miehei. Microbial rennet has a high thermal stability and purity, which means that it can be used for all types of cheese and that no bitter peptide formation occurs even during long maturing periods.

Natural rennet powder

Rennet is a mixture of the enzymes chymosin and pepsin and is used to coagulate milk. Traditionally, it is obtained from the stomachs of calves, where it helps digest breast milk.


Natamycin acts as an antimycotic through the active ingredient pimarizine, which is derived from actinobacterium Streptomyces natalensis. Due to its effectiveness against many types of mould and yeast, it can be used for surface treatment of hard cheese, semi-hard cheese and semi-hard cheese.

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