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Veggie products, fruit & vegetables

M FOOD GROUP® is also ideally positioned for the veggie megatrend. The long-standing expert in the field of additives and spices puts the experts in a position to help manufacturers find safe, best-selling vegetarian alternatives while at the same time avoiding unnecessary additives.

Vegetarian alternatives to meat or fish have experienced very strong growth in recent years. We expect that these veggie products will establish themselves on the market in the long term. We support you when it comes to developing products that are attractive for consumers and attract attention in the trend market.

Our product innovation

Vegan snack sticks

This excellent high-end product was developed for its launch on the market in conjunction with the Handtmann company, offering an overall appealing appearance and taste. The experts at the M FOOD GROUP® have not only managed to completely neutralise the earthy after-taste often found in soy and pea proteins, but they have also put to use in this project all of their experience in the field of fermentation technology. These salami-style mould-ripened vegan snack sticks were produced using Handtmann ConPro Systems, which enable products to be manufactured in alginate casings instead of intestines through the use of special ConPro co-extrusion technology developed by Handtmann.


Versatile applications

The M Food Group® presents a system for making vegan minced meat that is fully comparable in structure, appearance and taste to its meat-based equivalent. Whether it’s meat patties, burgers, casseroles or sauces - minced meat always fits the bill.

Protective culture for minced products

Vegetable protein-based vegan food products are a huge trend. They combine sustainability and healthy lifestyle. Keeping these products flavourful and fresh for a long time is an important task for many manufacturers. The M Food Group® has found an appropriate solution for this challenge too:

M-CULTURE® Safe Vegan is a new culture that provides long-lasting freshness to vegan minced and other products through its unique microbiological and enzymatic properties and, above all, reduces the unpleasant bean off-flavour in pea protein-based products.


The "freshness kick" for fresh products

Fresh fruits and vegetables are popular all-rounders through the whole year and increasingly important for the growing "Snack" and "ToGo" trends. We support you when it comes to optimising the freshness of your products right up to the consumer's fork.

In addition to individual taste components, the product range also includes sophisticated emulsifiers and stabilisers for delicious dressings and sauces

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