Meat Cracks

Production of

culture mixes

The Meat Cracks® plant produces all M-CULTURE® starter and protective cultures in the heart of production- the in-house clean room of class 10. The most important work steps are carried out under laminar flow, which guarantees an all-round germ-free production. The careful mixing of the cultures takes place in a closed system.

The security of the computer-supported production is ensured not only by the control of method plans, but also by complete batch traceability and weight control using checkweighers.

Production of

spice blends

The production of spice blends and functional additives involves mixing spices, extracts, functional ingredients and additives using high-performance mixing equipment. These distribute, through the use of special Mixing techniques, individual recipe components with a proportion of up to 0.03 percent uniform and homogeneous.

A combination of sieving systems and metal detectors ensures that no undesirable components enter the mixing plants. All production steps from mixing to packaging in individual pack sizes are accompanied by extensive safety checks.

High product safety through

first-class quality assurance

Those who are responsible for the ingredients of food rely on continuous and consistent quality assurance. The company's high level of commitment to food safety is reflected in the certification of its quality management system, among other things.

With the certificate according to the regulation (EG) No. 834/2007 it is possible to produce products of high organic quality. Moreover, several products can be offered in Kosher and Halal quality, respectively. As a VLOG Member, the Meat Cracks Technologie GmbH represents your interests as a manufacturer of products without genetic engineering from the business perspective.

During their production, all M Food Group products pass through numerous safety checks, supporting the targeted “zero-defect-management”.

Many control mechanisms favour the desired "0-error management":

Sensory and spectral analysis of all incoming goods


EDP-supported production processes


Foreign body isolation using sieves and metal detectors


Spectral analysis of all intermediate and end product batches


Random testing carried out by an external laboratory


Tests according to test plan carried by internal laboratory and by external accredited laboratories


Complete traceability MeatCracks®

Certificates for download

Certificates & Registrations

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