• Spices and additives
    „Made in Germany“

    We produce customized spice mixtures and functional additives. All production steps are subject to extensive quality controls.

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  • Our new arrival for raw cured products

    M-CULTURE® CF 10 - the nitrate reducer - forms a distinctively strong curing colour, in a shorter processing time, thanks to its high level of enzyme activity.

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  • Something new is here!

    GDS® 3349® – The latest benchmark for Bioprotection 2.0 for cooked ham & bacon

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  • "Levantine cuisine" - highlight
    for the grill season 2022.

    Spices from the Middle East - fresh/fruity to aromatic/intense

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  • Meat-Alliance

    The fastest salami of the world Driving success with the "Turbo-Salami"...

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  • Successful protection
    against listeria

    Beneficial microorganisms are not only able to suppress spoilage microorganisms and therewith increase food safety, they also significantly improve colour and taste of the products.

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  • New label marks
    Products for log reduction

    Food must be natural, healthy, tasty and above all safe...

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  • Stay flexible

    Who doesn't want maximum flexibility in combining ingredients? The new modular system "Modules" now offers this possibility. Taking production-related requirements into account, it offers maximum flexibility, compatibility and security...

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  • Starter- and protective cultures for optimal results

    Our starter- and protective cultures guarantee best fermentation results, promote outstanding sensory qualities and ensure optimal product safety.

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  • Contract fermentation

    Microbiological expertise for individual, sustainable and innovative solutions.

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    Cultures Taste Technology

    Quality „Made in Germany“

    The M FOOD GROUP® focuses on the development, production and distribution of starter and protective cultures, functional additives and spice mixtures.

    The company is fully specialised in solutions for the food industry. The M FOOD GROUP® emerged from Meat Cracks®, which develops customised solutions, especially for meat and sausage products.

    Cultures Taste Technology

    Our core competencies

    Starter- and protective cultures

    We produce starter- and protective cultures in our in-house class 10 cleanroom- microorganisms supporting the fermentation process of raw sausage products and raw cured products in many and secure ways.

    Spices & additives

    It is so spicy: Spice mixtures and functional additives are produced in high-performance mixing plants by mixing together spice extracts, spice oils or individual preparations.

    Research & development

    Whether customer inquiry or personal initiative: In our research- and development centre, the highly trained M FOOD GROUP® research and development team works on innovative products and production technologies which improve your food products.

    Ecological, economical & social


    M FOOD GROUP® sustainability means compliance with both ecological and economical aspects. This also includes the compliance with social aspects such as the engagement of new staff regardless of nationality, religion and sex.

    Since 2016 attention is paid to the implementation of social minimum standards in the relationships with our business partners. Therefore, all suppliers are encouraged to voluntarily sign a code of conduct.

    Our business partners have to ensure that their suppliers also meet the requirements of this code of conduct. The manufacturing of goods and the services provided for the M FOOD GROUP® GmbH must be carried out under ethical and decent labour conditions.

    The certification authority of the „Deutsche Institut für Nachhaltigkeit & Ökonomie“ (German Institute for sustainability & economy) certifies that the M FOOD GROUP® GmbH has successfully passed a comprehensive review in the areas ecology, economy and social competence ( product-, service- and advisory quality, economical future orientation as well as ecological and social responsibility) according to the di-no.- procedural regulation D-12/400772.

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    Donations for Ukraine

    We from M FOOD GROUP® support Malteser with an immediate donation of 1.500€ for Ukraine. Malteser are already active on t...

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