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Safe and tasty food

The Research & Development activities are carried out in-house and expanded in close cooperation with renowned external research institutes.

Access to particularly suitable microorganisms is ensured through screening projects at various universities and universities of applied sciences, in-house research and development and access to more than 150 strain collections throughout Europe.

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Production of microorganisms

The plant

The MicroTec fermentation plant is designed for the production of microorganisms. The fully automatic production guarantees highly efficient utilisation. A large number of parameters, such as temperature, pH value, oxygen concentration and optical density, can be precisely controlled throughout the fermentation process.

The plant is equipped with the highest hygiene requirements and also has the standards to produce starter and protective cultures Kosher and Halal. The CIP and SIP systems optimally meet the high demands on hygiene. CIP stands for "cleaning on site" and SIP means "sterilisation on site". All cleaning and sterilisation processes run fully automatically, without dismantling machine or plant components.

Development of process optimization

The MicroTec GmbH

MicroTec provides comprehensive knowledge about the development of process optimization. The areas of competence range from screening and development of new microorganism over to the scale-up to production scale up to the economic production and sales of starter cultures.

Of central importance for marketability of pure starter cultures is the economic production on an industrial scale. This is the core competence of the MicroTec GmbH. In neighboring areas of competence a wide support network has been established.

Access to particularly suitable microorganisms is guaranteed through screening projects at different universities, universities of applied sciences, own research and development and access to more than 150 strain banks throughout europe.


– Screening
– Selection
– Strain maintance
– Process development

Scale Up

– Transfer to production scale
– Culture media
– Yield


– Application advice
– Sales through affiliated companies


– Multiplication
– Separation
– Freeze-drying
– Process optimization